STAINLESS STEEL special constructions

Many customers use our long-standing STAINLESS STEEL (NIRO) experience to economically manufacture high-quality products and special constructions according to customer drawing – also possible in steel (according to EN 10025) or powder-coated design.

Our wide range of STAINLESS STEEL stock products, state-of-the-art manufacturing technologies as well as unbureaucratic, reliable handling provides fast and innovative quality solutions.

Our new Special construction – Folder is now available for download.

You have no capital commitment, no set-up and machine costs, no processing costs and are more productive in using your capacities!

Of course, we also advise on economical production in order to reduce manufacturing costs. Use our decades of first-hand STAINLESS STEEL KNOW-HOW!


Several application examples of STAINLESS STEEL custom-made parts, special constructions and STAINLESS STEEL special components are listed below:  

  • Edelstahl Reduziersystem

    Reduction system

  • EDELSTAHL Rohrverteiler

    Pipe distributor

  • EDELSTAHL Industriekomponente

    Industrial component

  • EDELSTAHL Rohrlaserschnitt 1

    Tube laser cut

  • EDELSTAHL Pollersystem MOBIL

    Lock Chain mount

  • EDELSTAHL Verriegelungssystem

    Lock system

  • EDELSTAHL Ascher


  • EDELSTAHL Sonderanfertigung

    Distribution system

  • EDELSTAHL Industriesystem

    Industrial system

  • EDELSTAHL Weinhalter

    Wine holder

  • EDELSTAHL Rohrkrümmer

    Pipe elbow

  • EDELSTAHL Verschlusssystem

    Lock system

  • EDELSTAHL Individuelle Flanschverbindungen

    Individual flange connections

  • EDELSTAHL Auslaufbogen

    Outlet elbow

  • EDELSTAHL Schweißsystem

    Welding system

  • EDELSTAHL Rohrzuschnitte

    Pipe cuts

  • EDELSTAHL Individuelle Flanschverbindungen

    Individual flange connections

  • EDELSTAHL Rohrsysteme

    Pipe system

  • EDELSTAHL Sonderflansch

    Special flange

  • EDELSTAHL Anlehnbügel

    Anchor bracket

  • EDELSTAHL Abdeckblech

    Cover plate

  • EDELSTAHL Radparker

    Bike stand

  • EDELSTAHL Schlitzrohre

    Slotted pipes

  • EDELSTAHL WT – Platten

    WT plates

  • Pyramid stump

  • EDELSTAHL Pollerleuchte

    Bollard light

  • EDELSTAHL WT-Komponenten

    WT component

  • Ashtray

  • EDELSTAHL Rohrlaserschnitt

    Tube laser cut




The following technologies are used to process STAINLESS STEEL (NIRO):

  • STAINLESS STEEL cuts (saw, laser/tube laser, water jet, plasma)
  • Forming (canting, bending/pipe bending, pressing, drawing)
  • Joining (welding, gluing, screwing)
  • Surface treatment (staining, grinding, brushing, blasting)


Cutting range
90° 460 mm 550 x 450 mm 450 x 450 mm
60° 250 mm 250 x 400 mm 250 x 250 mm
 45° 400 mm 400 x 400 mm 400 x 400 mm



  • Max. pipe diameter 204 mm
  • Max. length 6500 mm



  • Max. length/width 4000/2000 mm
  • Max. thickness 15 mm



  • MIG – Metal inert gas welding
  • MAG – Metal active gas welding
  • WIG – Tungsten inert gas welding

Water jet cutting


  • Max. length/width 6000/3000 mm
  • Max. thickness 150 mm

Cylindrical grinding


  • Max. pipe diameter 200 mm
  • Max. pipe length 6000 mm



  • Max. length 3000 mm, max. thickness 15 mm
  • Max. length 4000 mm, max. thickness 12 mm



  • Max. sheet thickness 6 mm

Pipe bending


  • CNC pipe bending: pipe diameter                         4 – 82  mm,  smallest bending radius = 1,5 x D 
  • Mechanical pipe bending: pipe diameter           20 – 114 mm, R = 2,5 x D